This section offers a wide range of sermons by different preachers recorded at St Stephen Walbrook church either during our weekly Thursday sung Eucharist for the business community, or during a special service. Usually, these are short reflections which typically run around ten minutes.They are available to stream (play) on demand, or – if you wish – to download. To download, right click and select “Save Link As … “. To play, simply left-click on the title once. We hope you enjoy them.

To listen to a sermon click on the title of your choice. You can also listen to them on iTunes or subscribe to our itunesPodcast. Simply click on iTunes icon below and it will take you there! Alternatively, you can search on Google for “sermon podcasts from St Stephen Walbrook”, or a similar search phrase.

The sermons are listed with the most recent one on top.

By clicking on the iTunes icon you can access all archived (earlier) recordings
Scarcity & Abundance Luke 5, 1-11 Revd Jonathan Evens
Specks, Logs & Projective Identification Luke 6, 36-42 Revd Jonathan Evens
Discover & explore: Through Christ alone Revd Jonathan Evens
The Good Shepherd John 10, 11-16 Revd Sally Muggeridge
Discover & explore: God’s Written Word Revd Jonathan Evens
Peace Be With You John 20, 19-23 Revd Roger Hoath
Confusion & Childbirth John 16, 16-22 Revd Jonathan Evens
Spirits and Ghosts Do Not Eat Luke 24, 24-35 Revd Sally Muggeridge
The Improbable Resurrection John 20, 1-10 Revd Jonathan Evens
In The Thick Of It Maundy Thursday
Revd Sally Muggeridge
Discover & Explore: Peter Delaney (Internet Church) Revd Jonathan Evens
Discover & Explore: Patrick Heron (Art) Revd Jonathan Evens
I Am John 8, 46-end Revd Jonathan Evens
The Feeding of the 5ooo John 6, 1-14 Revd Sally Muggeridge
Discover & Explore: Lanning Roper Revd Sally Muggeridge
A Light In The Darkness Luke 11, 14-21 Revd Roger Hoath
Discover & Explore: Robert Stuart de Courcy Laffan (Sport) Revd Jonathan Evens
The Caananite Woman Matthew 15, 21-28 Revd Sally Muggeridge
Discover & Explore: Henry Moore (Sculpture) Revd Alastair McKay
Love and the Law John 8, 1-11 Revd Jonathan Evens
Discover & Explore: George Griffin Stonestreet (Insurance) Revd Jonathan Evens
Discover & Explore: Chad Varah (Charity) Revd Sally Muggeridge
Temptation Matthew 4, 1-11 Revd Sally Muggeridge
Francis Bacon * The Crucifixion Edward Lucie-Smith (art critic)
Your Faith Has Made You Well Luke 18, 31-43 Revd Christopher Cawrse
Picture, Mirror + Window Luke 8, 4-15 Revd Roger Hoath
Discover & Explore: George Croly Revd Sally Muggeridge
Grace and Work Matthew 20, 1-11 Revd Jonathan Evens
Wheat and Tares Matthew 13, 24-30 Revd Sally Muggeridge
 Discover & Explore: Thomas Wilson   Revd Jonathan Evens


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