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The content of this page changes each day. These “Thoughts” are provided by a number of Trustees and other team members of the London Internet Church. As a member of our worldwide audience you are invited to submit your own “Thought for the Day”, so that other people can enjoy them. Simply send us your text by email which should be around 100 words. Thank you in advance.

Do you dread the telephone or do you find it a comfort. Now that it seems the majority of city dwellers have mobile phones the phone is everywhere. Have you ever stood back and seen groups of people maneuvering their way through other people in the streets but without looking at each other or even beyond each other, rather through each other. Imagine what a Martian would think if he landed in London or New York or Parish and suddenly saw thousands of little ants twisting their way through their streets and holding strange devices to their ears and speaking in to space. What a strange life form they would think we are, and they would be right!

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